John G. Schoon

Civil and Transport Engineering and Pedestrian Facilities Design

Background and Experience

  • Consultant in transport to governmental and international agencies and private clients
  • Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton, England
  • Author of a variety of publications in transport-related journals. Two textbooks: one on highway engineering and one on metropolitan transport planning

Recent Publications Related to Pedestrian Facilities and Inclusive Mobility

  • Pedestrian Observation-Reaction Times: Concepts and Pilot Study. Universities Transportation Studies Group Proceedings, Loughborough University, Loughborough, 2003
  • Observation-Reaction Times of Wheelchair Users: A Comparison with Non-Disabled Users. Universities Transportation Studies Group Proceedings, University of Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2004
  • Pedestrian Behaviour at Uncontrolled Crossings. Traffic Engineering and Control, London, June 2006
  • Accessibility in the Highway Safety Auditing Process: Issues and Values. Proceedings of TRANSED conference, Montreal, 2007
  • Access and Design Policy for Disabled Pedestrians at Road Crossings: Exploring Issues. Transportation Research Record No.1954, Washington DC, 2007

Current Projects

  • Preparation of instructional material in design of pedestrian facilities


  • Intervisibility requirements at crossings based upon pedestrian characteristics and safety
  • Shared space usage levels related to pedestrian accident frequency
  • Accommodating user non-compliance in design of pedestrian facilities